Frank-Rainer Grahl wrote on 09-08-17 10:36:
The community specialist is as clueless as they are usually are when it comes to things which they are not familiar with. Google does incorrect browser sniffing period. When you remove Firefox compatibility they fall back to another code path which works. If you remove Firefox it will work for google and break countless other sites.


Ray_Net wrote:
So the "Community Specialist" pointing SM is CORRECT. SM must be presented as "SM" and not "FF and SM"
Anyway, It's ABNORMAL to insert FF id into the UA string.

You may try to explain at Google that he must accept TWO differents Browser ID in the same UA string - GOOD LUCK ! :-)

This not because other sites needs FF id that SM must have two id .... You must convince other site to accept SM by itself !
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