Paul B. Gallagher wrote on 8/12/2017 9:09 PM:
rickman wrote:
rickman wrote on 8/12/2017 4:24 PM:
There are times when the cursor turns to an hour glass and the
status bar shows the stripe of green like it is loading a message
or something similar, but nothing appears to be going on.  The
status line will read " There are no messages on
the server".

Any ideas or is this another of the many Seamonkey bugs we live

I forgot to mention that the only way to end this problem is to kill
the program and restart it.  Then it doesn't happen for a while.

I'm getting this, too, usually if SM gets messages in background while
running mlb gameday. CPU sticks at 25% (I have four processors, so it seems
to be maxing one of them out), and RAM is two or three gigs, far more than
usual. The screen pales, and the spinning ring persists for five or ten
minutes or until I give up and force a shutdown.

After I force it to close, the first thing I do on restart is clear private
data, including cache and cookies. Then I do a normal program shutdown and
restart, and it's good for awhile, until I have another game to "watch."

Not quite the same for me. I don't see any undue CPU, memory or disk usages. The program continues to function (well, as good as it ever does). It just won't get rid of the hourglass. This time it started not long after I restarted the program.

The hourglass goes away over the titlebar or in the composition window. I also don't see it in the browser window, just the mail/newsgroups window. Also, every once in a while it will go away, but as soon as I move the mouse it returns.


Rick C
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