Roger Fink wrote:
I just installed Kaspersky Free anti-virus in place of Avast Free, and unlike the interaction with the other three browsers that are installed on this Win7-32 machine, it doesn't work well with SeaMonkey (or perhaps better said, SeaMonkey doesn't work well with Kaspersky). I would guess that 1/2 of my connections are flagged as untrusted, including common sites such as Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance and the New York Times. Some of these flagged connections can be successfully overwritten by creating an exception, but others can't, and still others are "unsuccessfully overwritten" in that javascript doesn't work on the resulting page.

One of the other installed browsers is Pale Moon. Its bookmarks are identical to SeaMonkey, but they all work perfectly. I can't nor should I make changes to Kaspersky to accommodate different browsers but I'm wondering if there is some configuration in SeaMonkey that I can change that would put things right.

btw, Kaspersky was installed after the upgrade to 49.2 so I don't know whether this is a version-related problem or not (I suspect not).
You might try Sophos home, also free, and by one of the most well known professional anti virus producers.
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