Bill just put an experimental 2.53 up with patches I provided. It is not fully up to date wrt security fixes but the worst offenders are included. Please back up your profile if you use it. There is no go back to 2.49.x after using it. This is at latest Fx 56 level with additional fixes.


Dirk Munk wrote:
Yes indeed!

Frank-Rainer Grahl wrote:
> 2.49.3?
> Where did you get this 64bit package from?

Probably from here:


Edmund Wong wrote:
Dirk Munk wrote:

I really wish the developers would start producing official 64 bit
versions of Seamonkey. How many people are still using a 32 bit version
of Windows? Since Windows 7, 64 bit has become the standard Windows
version, older Windows versions are becoming obsolete now. I would guess
that the majority of Seamonkey users has a 64 bit version of Windows on
their computer.


Where did you get this 64bit package from?

I am working on making official packages for both Linux64 and Windows64.
It is unfortunately going slow as there are a lot of stuff happening
at the same time.


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