On 2/23/2018 8:54 AM, Jim wrote:
Hi all --

This just started happening a few weeks ago.
When I go to www.kroger.com, -- it tells me I have an unsupported browser.  When I click the button that says "To continue without upgrading, please click HERE", it correctly opens up www.kroger.com.

But when I click on "digital coupons"  on the top right menu, it goes back to the "unsupported" page again. I emailed their customer service, and they said I need to use one of the browsers mentioned.  The only other browser I have on this PC is "The Edge", and that's not supported either.  So I need to go to the site on one of my other devices which has a "supported browser".

Assistance please?

Have you tried bumping up to SM 2.49.2?
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