Frank Nemec wrote:

Hello --

At the top of the SeaMonkey window, there used to be a line of links(?) --

"File  Edit  View  Insert  ...  Help" more-or-less...

This is called the "Menu Bar."

Either I caused it to disappear through an inadvertent finger-check, or it disappeared with the last SeaMonkey upgrade.

OS is Windows7 Version 6.1 (Build 7601 Service Pack 1)

SeaMonkey is 2.48 or later, I think -- I don't know how to determine release/version                 other than clicking "Help" and clicking "About SeaMonkey"... and the line with "Help"in it ain't there anymore!

I first noticed the loss when I attempted doing "Find on this page" -- not having that available is a real handicap.

There are keyboard shortcuts for these, but you can also restore the menu.

For version number (Help | About), you can do Alt-H, A.

For "Find in this page," you can do CTRL-F.

To restore the menu, look along the left edge of the page for a little speckled rectangle with a little black triangle in it. There should be several, oriented vertically (taller than they are wide), one alongside each toolbar. If you see one oriented horizontally (wider than it is tall), without a toolbar or anything next to it, it's hiding something. Click it to reveal its contents.

If that doesn't help (you don't see anything that looks like what I described, or what you revealed isn't what you're looking for), try Alt-V, W (View | Show/Hide) and you should get a drop-down list of things to show or hide. Make sure there's a check next to "Menu Bar." That should reveal the menu, or at least the corresponding speckled rectangle. If you just get a speckled rectangle, you already know what to do: click it to reveal its contents.

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