On 9/10/19, Ray Davison <ray...@charter.net> wrote:
> Ray Davison wrote:
>> On the new unit every site I have tried to access has been deemed
>> "Untrusted".  For one forum and Google I was allowed to set an
>> exception.  Amazon, Ebay, and PayPal I am not allowed to set an
>> exception and not allowed to access them.
> Not getting anywhere with SM I ran FF.  The browser opened and then a
> box opened that said FF could not connect securely because the clock had
> the wrong date.  This is the first I have ever heard that the clock has
> anything to do with security.  I knew the clock was off but I figured
> that it was just a clock and could wait until more important things were
> completed.  I set the clock, and all is well.

How far off was your clock?

If you click on the lock icon & then View Certificate you'll see the
'Period of Validity'
for mail.google.com it's Aug - Nov, so if the clock is off by a few
months - yeah, not surprising the browser wouldn't trust the cert (but
I usually get something about the cert being expired ... but the CA
cert isn't, so if your clock was off by years, maybe that's it?)

If you're on windows it might be worth checking control panel / Date
and Time / Internet Time
and make sure you've got a valid time source configured.  I think the
default is time.windows.com

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