Tom Pamin wrote on 02-12-19 23:28:
Thomas Pamin wrote:
I could always make an internet shortcut by dragging the icon before the url to the desktop. I could then change the icon of the shortcut. On one PC now I can't do that. I can drag it, but it does not make a shortcut on the desktop. It just shows the SM icon with no shortcut arrow. That means I can't change it's icon. Any ideas?

I finally solved this issue. First I did uninstall SM to see if that would do it. It didn't fix it. I then looked at file associations for URL files in this PC and my other ones. This PC showed SM for URL files, while my other PC's showed Internet Browser.

SM did look right to me, but I changed it to Internet Browser to match my other PC's. That was the solution - it changed things right away, so now I can drag from SM to my desktop to make an internet shortcut. Thanks for all the suggestions.
Just a question: I am interested to look at my pc about "file associations for URL files" - Where precisely is located this parameter ? Telle me the steps to find this parameter ...
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