HAVING TRIED UNSUCCESSFULLY TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR "UNSUBSCRIBE" I TRIED THE LIST, IN THE HOPE THAT THE WEBMASTER, MODERATOR, WHOEVER, MIGHT READ IT OR SOMEONE MIGHT ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO HELP ME. When I followed the instructions I received a message saying that I could not be unsubscribed as it would have a knock on effect, or something similar. I do not accept this. I received two replies :

1 from RL : Don't tell me about it -me too!  If you do manage to find out how to do it, may I beg you the favour of passing on the details.  I am tired of my mbx filling up with fatuous messages.

2 from Aaron Guy Davies   [EMAIL PROTECTED]   Read the message headers, moron. Don't you know what "List-Unsubscribe:"means? Oh well, this is the sort of idiocy I've come to expect from people dumb enough to use Hotmail.

I have , as I said, read the message headers, and followed the instructions, but to no avail. I use Hotmail as well as several other email addresses for the simple fact that it can be accessed wherever I am worldwide. I leave the list members to draw their own conclusions as to Mr Davies.

John Foss

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