I can't believe that Frost causes the corrupt datastore bug.
This bug happens very often, when a datatore is near full.

That's a good idea to use a Freenet-only machine on LAN,
and then use the FCP connection to this machine for
client applications. (stability, security, ...)

Do you use an up to date version of the Java Runtime Environment?
And a stable one? What's the output of "java -version"? 
Try it with a new version from java.sun.com.

I use the Sun JRE version 1.4. My permanent node runs well with FMB, Frost
and FProxy (surfing) on the same machine. No problem with BlueScreens, 
rarely corrupt DS bug, but bad memory management on WinME.


Am 03.09.2002 17:36:13, schrieb [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

>On Sun, 25 Aug 2002 13:50:26 +0200, you wrote:
>You know I'm beginning to think the data store bug might have
>something to do with Frost.
>I recently set up a freenet only machine and use the local network to
>connect and use its freenet ports.
>Everything works well except Frost. I've install NT4 WIN2K and XP as
>the OS and always get the same two results. 1 The blue screen crash,
>or it runs and the data store corrupts. 
>Maybe its the box, but i doubt it since i put freenet on this little
>600 amd because it was one the machine i had that never goes down.
>So frostless it is for my main node.
>Since i've been frostless for a week, i've done deliberate resets,
>have data store files spread around the lan ,2 on a fast unstable
>machine, had a couple of power outages and one small tornado,
>and not even ahint of a problem.
>Anecdotal and spurious i know, but so far its "No Frost, No Problems".

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