Am 25.11.2002 22:27:20, schrieb Frank Stoeckl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

>i have a bit problem using the current freenet release for windows.
>I installed freenet and wanted to use frost, so i downloaded the latest 
>frost release 010714.

You got a very old Frost version... Where did you get it?

The official website of the Frost developer is:

The newest files under
are called "" and ""; they contains the
same version. It's the Frost release from 12-Nov-2002.

>But on every start frost is complaining about a missing frequest.exe and 
>I searched my whole HD with F3, but Windows couldn't find any frequest or 
>finsert :-(
>What did I made wrong?

I can't find this files either. They are perhaps from the old Freenet0.3 times?
Frost (newest version) and Freenet0.5 works great.

>I just installed freenet.
>Can somebody help me?
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