Am 29.01.2003 12:22:05, schrieb "Niklas Bergh" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

>This just appeared in my console:
>C:\Program Files\Freenet 0.5>java -Xmx200m -jar freenet.jar
>Sending redirect: /servlet/SFRequest/__ID_626c9c3e_ID__/status_main
>htl                        : 15
>blockHtl                   : 15
>retries                    : 4
>retryHtlIncrement          : 5
>healHtl                    : 15
>healPercentage             : 20
>threads                    : 10
>doParanoidChecks           : true
>forceSave                  : true
>skipDS                     : false
>useUI                      : true
>runFilter                  : true
>filterParanoidStringCheck  : false
>Unable to find native library for fec8
>Unable to find native library for fec16
>Should fred be able to find a native library for fec (and if so where)?

Fred uses a own library. If you want to use a fast platform specific
native implementation, then you have to use the Onion FEC library:

AFAIK you can find something on the Nubile-freesite, but it's perhaps outdated.
(I never used this native code)

>I ran updatesnapshot about 2 hrs ago.

It's not a problem in fred builds, this "Unable to find native library for fecX"
is a status message; there's nothing wrong.

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