On Thu, Jan 30, 2003 at 12:04:38PM -0500, Gianni Johansson spake thusly:
> The Nubile info on Native FEC support is completly obsolete.
> Look here instead:
> The zip file that the readme refers to is in CVS (in the Contrib module, 
> *not* the main freenet module).
> You can access it on the web here:
> (Do a "Save link as..."  on the "(download)" link from your browser)

I've got fec-1.0.3.zip and I have unpacked it. I read the first link you
posted but it is far from clear. It says:

>Install the correct native libraries and JNI support jars
>for your system.
>The plugin implementations will automatically use the native
>libraries if they are present.

Well, that sounds easy. But install the correct native libraries where?
And which of the many files in that zipfile are the correct native

Just for kicks I copied *.jar from /lib into the freenet dir and restarted
fred and still got the "Unable to find native library" messages. What did
I miss?

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