thank you so much for answering my questions!
I really do feel better now and will continue sharing my computer for
freenet, which I am convinced of, is a pretty much good invention!

> mentioned). Will your load decrease if you shut down Frost for an hour or
> two?

Load immediately decreases, when shutting down frost/freenet.
After restarting, my current experience is this:
A few minutes like 10 or 30 I have 10 to 20 connections, then it
explodes to more than 30. This seems to consumes my load.
Sometimes, like the log says, they decrease which I haven't monitored, 
yet, but do explode again suddenly. If I refuse to start frost, freenet 
is using cpu time that leads to load about 6 which is accepteable. So frost 
is the bad guy...

As I have old and small harddisks, the amount freenet is capable to use
is about 350 MBytes, so I hardly believe that this is the cause for my
heavy load, but frost's communication, because there are only 2 up to 8
connections to my freenet port I have monitored ever.

> Btw, are you running the node properly nice:d?

The java is at place one consuming 9x% of cpu time when watched by top.
I haven't reniced it, because I think it consumes it's cpu time it
needs, so if fiddling with it, I would loose contact, right? Would using
a different freenet file system decrease cpu usage leading to less load?

...as the linuxbox should be capable to do other things, I am planning
to build another one just for running freenet/frost, which costs more
power/money, but increases my security and keeps my first linux-box
useable. The linux box has an AMD-3D cpu at 300 MHz and the new box will
have a similar one, when finished. Is there a floppy distribution which
can do java to run freenet/frost? I'd like to save using a harddisk to
run the second linux box, if possible.

In the end, I am happy to have joined this mailing list. Thanx again for
your fine help. I don't understand, why there is so less docs and, as
far as I have noticed at the frost message board, there is lack of
developers, too. Why is that? There is really an urgent need of a common
and and a more technical FAQ...

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