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> Chat/web/clinets/tech are so rare that I cannot
>  say if I still receive it or not.

It has been noted before that the freenet mailman lists are very quick
to disable delivery if your mailserver ever times out or anything. To
check if delivery is disabled, go to
and check if 'delivery disabled' is marked 'on'. And to prevent it
happening, make sure you're subscribed on an address hosted on a very
reachable mailserver.

Or for the more adventurous, you could subscribe to the lists you want
to see on more than one address, and set up a script from .forward that 
only sends on ones you haven't seen before, and if mail doesn't come
in for one of the addresses within a specific time while you have seen
mail from the other addresses fire off wget to reenable delivery on
that account. Still, it's kind of overkill...

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