Am 07.02.2003 14:56:26, schrieb [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

>Since 13 january I am not receiving devl maillist.

Happened to me too (others too). When the mailinglist
isn't able to send an eMail, the ML-Server sets your
account in the "disabled mail delivery" mode.
(useful for vacation)
>Chat/web/clinets/tech are so rare that I cannot
> say if I still receive it or not.

You can check this, read below.

>support works.
>There is some good guy that can post the present
> list situation: live, dead, zombie ?

surf to
fill in your subscribed eMail address and click on "Edit Options".

For some things (like view other, edit
options) you need your password. If you don't know anymore your
password, click on "Email My Password To Me".

With your password you can change your account options.
You can retrieve this information and change all things with
email, simply send an eMail to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
with the subject "help" (without ").

I hope that it works; yesterday I did this steps with WWW
and now my devl-account is reactivated.


>e.g. [EMAIL PROTECTED] accept posts but never
> resend it.
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