Am 13.02.2003 18:28:16, schrieb "Jollie Harris" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>  How do I download Free net as my  ISP my computer I all ready have windows

You know that this mailinglist is for the Freenetproject (
and THIS Freenet is a peer-to-peer network, do you??
It's an anonymous and censorfree network where every user share space on their
harddisk and bandwidth. ->it's different, it's not like Napster, KaZaA, ...!
(read more on )

Freenet from the Freenetproject is NOT an ISP. You need an internet connection
to run a Freenet node and to use this network.

The donation for this OpenSource project is for paying a full time coder and
other things. If you really mean this Freenet I'm talking about, send a 
second eMail to this mailinglist. We will help you to get started.
(I think you mean that Freenet is some sort of an ISP and you have to
pay for it a donation through PayPal... I'm hoping that I don't
missunderstand you...)


>  XP,  how do I get Started, I would also like to know how to donate money to
>  freenet in the future please send info to  [EMAIL PROTECTED]  not 
>  toEarthlink
>  Jollie Harris
>  Why Wait? Move to EarthLink.
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