I use gentoo, and as far as i can figure out everything is pretty up to date, 
including my seednode.ref  

when i first start the daemon, and i connect to the UI via my web browser 
everything seems fine.  then i click on one of the gateways provided (ie The 
Freedom Engine) and I get an error that tells me to check my web connection 
(which tells me that my node hasn't established any connections at all)

after a few minutes, when i click on a gateway, or the gpl, or the README, or 
anything, i get a different error:

-Route Not Found

-Network Error

-Couldn't retrieve key: 
-Hops To Live: 15

-Error: Route Not Found

-Attempts were made to contact 0 nodes.

-0 were totally unreachable.
-0 restarted.
-0 cleanly rejected.

-The request couldn't even make it off of your node. Try again, perhaps with 
-the GPL to help your node learn about others. The publicly available seed 
-nodes have been very busy lately. If possible try to get a friend to give 
you -a reference to their node instead.

-Route Not Found messages mean that your node, or the rest of the network, 
-didn't find the data or enough nodes to send the request to. You should 
-retry, with the same Hops-To-Live; if it persists, there may be a problem    
-check that your internet connection is working). Try reseeding your node,  
-and if that doesn't work, contact [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I've been running the daemon for almost 24 hours, so it seems to me that if 
everything was working right, i would be able to find some keys!  

I click the "open connections" link on the left side of the web UI, and it 
says there are no open connections.  Shouldn't some connections be open?  

Do i need to manually enter an IP to start the connection process correctly?  
i'm completely lost.  I want this thing to work so badly

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