--- Roger Hayter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Has anyone noticed that Frost messages in some
> popular boards seem 
> almost all to be retrievable both from the "stable"
> and the "unstable" 
> network? ... doesn't this suggest that some nodes
must be
> connecting to both networks?

I haven't noticed this (I've never had much luck with
Frost) but are you using two totally separate nodes
for browsing? If you're just switching one node
between the networks then, after switching, the
datastore will still have the messages cached after
they were retrieved on the other network.

On the same topic, would it be a good idea (or indeed
feasible) to run two nodes, one on each network, with
the same datastore encryption key, which are
periodically stopped and synchronised in order to
narrow the schism between the networks and aid the
flow of content?



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