On Wed, Mar 10, 2004 at 04:02:35AM -0800, miguel wrote:
> duh, guys, I'm a newbie +- so I can only make observations so here:
> (note: order does not indicate weight nor priority)
> 1. Get a female to work on this thing.
> 2. At least run permanent node.
> 3. DSL ain't no faster when it hits the freenet bogs.

DSL has a chance of running a permanent node. Dialup doesn't, unless
it's unmetered dialup, and even then it's not going to get many requests
once the connected nodes realize it's dialup.

> 4. The last 3 or 4+ builds have gotten slower and dumber.

Why thank you for that informative, empirically backed and helpful bug

> 5. The updates and re-seeds seem to be distancing us from the majority
> of the  data-holding nodes out there that are not updating often enough
> (or not updating at all)

Updates and reseeds?

> 6. As per performance: Your OS shouldn't matter(though the "L" is king
> (-;), your cpu and ram will virtually max-out to whatever you've got
> available, and then some, 

The major memory leaks were fixed. If it is still leaking in the current
stable build, that is a bug, please report it.

> and pulling your pants down off firewall just
> means people will get offended at such a sight but it won't help your
> node. And store size? Don't make no difference either.

That's not what I've heard from others.

> 7.The java threads are inconstant. I now have to restart several 
> times a day and after killing all threads the restart can spawn 
> anywhere from 1 to 20+ threads depending on the random seed of the
> moment.

20+?! 20 is NOTHING! The default thread limit is 120.

> 8.I'd say if all data were stored and retained by freenet from one
> build to the next the performance would be outstanding(compared to 
> now)and, programmer dudes, put a tighter leash on that Java bulldog.

Uhm. Firstly, it's not possible for freenet to retain all data. The only
way to do it would be to refuse any new data inserts. Secondly, just
because it's there somewhere doesn't mean we can find it - that is the
hard part.
> Because of recent performance declines I have been severely tempted 
> to drop freenet but I refuse because it'll be one of the last freedoms 
> that the fascists kill and I want to be there to watch it die.
> I offer my machine to run whatever service I can to make this thing 
> work better for all of us.  Any takers?
> signed: Whatever(aka Whoever)
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