Greetings freenetters.



I have been using FIW for inserting sites, but because I’m a hands-on kinda guy and a masochist, I would really like to try doing it a bit more manually. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be quite smart enough to figure out how. My problem is the contruction of clickable links to files that are already in freenet. How do I do that?


Initially I thought that I could just copy the keys from FUQID and put them in a hyperlink, but that doesn’t work because the part of the address telling the browser where FRED is, is missing. And not everybody has him on, so I cant just put that in as part of the link.


Then I heard something about a “MAP”-file, which I am lead to assume could be the solution to all my problems – or at least the ones not related to girls or money. It appears to be some sort of cross-reference between the real-world file-names and the URIs, but I have thus far been unable to find out exactly what it looks like or how to make them. And I’m still not certain, how that would solve my problem with telling the browser about fred’s location.


Any of you brains out there have an idea or a pointer as to where I could look for info?  If so, I’ll declare you all saints, when I become the pope… :-)





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