>Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 15:06:13 +0200
>From: Rudolf Krist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Subject: [freenet-support] Re: What does a map-file look like?
>To: Z Freenet SupportML <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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>Garb schrieb:
>> Then I heard something about a "MAP"-file, which I am lead to assume 
>> could be the solution to all my problems - or at least the ones not 
>> related to girls or money. It appears to be some sort of cross-reference 
>> between the real-world file-names and the URIs, but I have thus far been 
>> unable to find out exactly what it looks like or how to make them.

>When you use FIW, there you will find a feature called 
>"MetaDataBrowser", I'm not sure if that will help you, but there you 
>could enter a freesite uri, like 
>[EMAIL PROTECTED]/fuqid/10, to see what the mapfile of 
>the freesite contains.

You are right - that certainly seems to be exactly what I am looking for (if
we exclude J.Lo's private phone number...). But where is that information
actually located? It is not in the HTML-source of the page. Could it be in a
special file with a name that FIW can somehow deduce from the URI of the
main page?


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