It saddens me more than a little to have to announce this, but I've decided to
retire from the freenet project.  I will no longer be active as a developer or
as an index site maintainer, or as the operator of a node.

I'm truly sorry, but with only a 1 gHz machine with 512 MB of RAM, freenet
simply consumes too much of my system's resources, both in terms of CPU time
and memory (not to mention bandwidth), especially continuously running a second
Java app besides (the spider).

I find Java's memory requirements to be totally unreasonable, its performance
lackluster, and I've finally come to the conclusion that it was indeed a poor
choice of language in which to implement a project of this size and complexity.
A native-compiled language would have offered vastly superior speed and, no
doubt, significantly lower memory consumption as well.

In addition, I'm finding myself increasingly put off by the project's apparent
lack of organization and focus.  Rather than streamlining, simplifying,
cleaning up and verifying the existing design, we have a never-ending series of
"let's try this" and "let's try that".  Too many code changes are being done on
pure speculation and hopeful optimism, rather than close scrutiny and careful
analysis.  I fear that at the rate we're going, as more and more new ideas are
incorporated into an already extremely complex design, this burgeoning
complexity will eventually result in a system that *no one* truly understands
the workings of, or how the various parts of the whole interact, rendering it
virtually impossible to anticipate or even estimate the impact that changing
this or that part of the code will have on the rest.  This does not exactly
make me feel optimistic about the project's future success.

I still do believe the project's goal is an admirable one, and an important
one, and I do wish you all the best in your endeavors.

Regards to everyone,

Conrad (aka dolphin)

Conrad Sabatier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> - "In Unix veritas"

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