Phillip Hutchings <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> OK, I enabled an average[input|output]bandwidthlimit of 500. In 5 hours 
> I've transferred 400MiB of data, which is still far too high, 
> considering that I should be transferring 288MiB each way per day 
> (which is also too high).

The average is averaged over a week. I don't know when the counters get reset
but I have found that when you first start using the average it seems to
say "aha, your average has been zero for the last 7 days, so I'll crank it up
to the max". It does start working correctly after a while, but seriously
I find the input and output (rather than average) work better and at the least
you should probably use in conjunction, until you have some data for the average
to work with.

That's just my experience and observation. 

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