On Sun, Jul 11, 2004 at 01:02:52PM +0200, rensinghoff wrote:
> I trien a DNS lookup through a WEB SIte..without success..
> There were so many options...just IP, name, and so on

Ok, so let's start over again. Did something show up in the log files?
I think there might be a hint if the Program was able to get the IP from
your router or not.
If you got that one working the next step is the connection to dyndns.
Are there log-messages mentioning dyndns?

In addition to that you might capture your network traffic and see if
there are some hints as to what goes wrong.

If you want you can send me your logfiles and eventually your dumpfiles
and program-output and I'll see if I can make someting out of it. But
better not to the list as it might be a little bit voluminous.


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