On Mon, Aug 09, 2004 at 12:14:39AM -0700, Chris Linstruth wrote:
> I'm revisiting freenet after giving it a few months to mature.
> Running 5090 on Java 1.4.2 Mac OS X 10.3.4
> It was looking pretty good there for a while.  I can load most of the sites
> listed on the Web Interface, but going from there is not happening.  Take the GPL, 
> for example:
> Couldn't retrieve key: [EMAIL PROTECTED]/GPL.txt
> Hops To Live: 15
> Error: Route Not Found
> Attempts were made to contact 0 nodes.
> 0 were totally unreachable.
> 0 restarted.
> 0 cleanly rejected.
> 32 backed off.
> The request couldn't even make it off of your node. Try again, perhaps with the GPL 
> to help your node learn about others. The publicly available seed nodes have been 
> very busy lately. If possible try to get a friend to give you a reference to their 
> node instead.

Okay, the first problem is that you're only connected to 32 nodes. How
long has your node been up? How many connections does your node have?
> This is new data to me.  What's "backed off"?

Nodes tell your node how often it can send requests. When you can't send
a request because it's not been long enough since last time, you are
backed off.
> Thanks.
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