Bob <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Presumably Java is crashing for some reason, you probably have a load of
> hs_err_pid_nnnn files in the freenet directory containing random stack
> dumps.
> What does `java -version` say? You should use Sun (preferably) or
> Blackdown at least v1.4.2 (later versions are generally speaking
> "better" but use more memory.)
> How long does it take it to die? How big is your datastore? Did it use
> to work or has it always done this?
> AFAIK, the most common reason for random crashes other than hardware
> issues is running out of heap with large datastores. Java stupidly
> provides no real way for apps to tell they're running out of memory (or
> disk space!), so starvation results in slowing to a crawl followed by an
> OOM exception. Some versions of Java appear to be worse at this than
> others, e.g. on blackdown 1.4.1 (only one I can use, Sparc box) I had to
> set the maximum heap to 1GB yes one Gigabyte for it to start
> successfully, and it doesn't even have a large store :)
> Although that box is temporarily out of commission with RAM ECC errors
> on one module now so that may have had something to do with it ...
> Anyway find the "java -Xmx128m etc etc" line at the end of
> that actually runs freenet, and try changing the Xmx
> (maximum heap size) to something larger e.g. -Xmx256m. Hopefully this
> will help.
> Incidentally it's intended to get the current alpha development version,
> the pretty much rewritten and significantly different (UDP, mixed
> scalable darknet/lightnet etc) 0.7, to work with with Free JVMs like
> Kaffe at some point which may help with this sort of issue.
> Bob

No luck. I fiddled with the -Xmx option; I even downgraded to jre 1.4.2
blackdown - but it still randomly crashes without explanation. I didn't any
hs_err_pid_nnnn files, either. If you want to see any of my logs, just tell me
where they are, and I'll share them.

I've noticed something else strange. Before fred crashes, my hard drive goes
insanely busy. The terminal responds really slowly, and the freenet web
interface takes forever to load. Then, after a few minutes, silence, and no java
running at all. I'm running entropy/rsa and it's been working since the day I
installed it. Why does freenet have to be so much harder?

thanks for your reply,

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