Harrison Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Harrison Smith <harrison <at> ...> writes:
> > No luck. I fiddled with the -Xmx option; I even downgraded to jre 1.4.2
> > blackdown - but it still randomly crashes without explanation. I didn't any
> > hs_err_pid_nnnn files, either. If you want to see any of my logs, just tell 

-- snip --
> java.io.IOException: Attempt to use a released TempFileBucket: /root/f
> \reenet/store/temp/tbf_11b51af
>         at freenet.support.SpyOutputStream.checkValid(SpyOutputStream
> \.java:29)
>         at freenet.support.SpyOutputStream.<init>(SpyOutputStream.java
-- snip --

I don't know why this happens, but it has been reported before. If these errors
occur immediately before/during the screwup than they presumably indicate it's
the problem. Unfortunately if it's a bug it's unlikely to get fixed because
development is happening on 0.7 ...

You could try deleting the "index" file in the store/ directory, which will make
freenet rebuild it. Actually it should be better to set "useDSIndex=false" in
freenet.conf, which is a good performance idea for permanent/semi-permanent
nodes anyway because it causes less CPU usage in the long run at the cost of
longer startup times. I don't know if this will solve this problem though :-/

Oh, and Sun's JRE is recommended over Blackdown's generally speaking ... I know
they're sort of derived from the same codebase but Sun's is more up to date and
has bugfixes they don't bother telling the Blackdown people about (it's a pretty
stupid arrangement really.)


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