damian alexander wrote:
> ok,i downloaded mIRC.now what ?

You should start it and get a list of possible networks (i don't run Windows... 
remember how it's done, should be one of the menu items or maybe a button). You 
want to
connect to FreeNode. Connect to it and then type "/join #freenet-refs" (without 
that should take you to the chatroom with whole bunch of people. Ask if 
somebody is
interested in trading refs, most people will be kind enough to help you out.

Note, you might want to send the reference through means of the private chat 
rather than
on the board. Just double click on the nickname of the person (on the right 
hand side)
*after* that person said that an is willing to trade refs with you, and 
actually conduct
exchange through those means. That will give you a bit more privacy, and 
disallow easy
logging of your reference.

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