You are far from the first person to have a problem with getting node
refs for Freenet 0.7. I'm gonna say what I tell everyone else: Don't
use 0.7. It's pretty much experimental. There's a good reason a large
number of us are holding on to 0.5, a big one for me being that it's a
true opennet instead of a riskier, pseudo-opennet. In other words, you
don't have to mess with any of this getting node refs and IRC crap.

On 12/19/06, Volodya <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> damian alexander wrote:
> > well i went into mIRC&went into freenode&went into freenet-refs&didnt see 1
> > single person in the room . anyone you know who runs windows ? so i can get
> > the right commands to connect & run freenet corectly ?
> If you haven't seen anybody on #freenet-refs then you've done something 
> wrong, most
> probably you haven't connected to the correct network.
> Try this:
> /server
> (wait until connected)
> /join #freenet-refs
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