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> Hi, freenet is a nice piece of software, the new installer is really 
> easy to use, but it tells nothing about whats going on.

yes it does. Had you read the text that appeared on each step of the wizard 
instead of clicking your way straight to 'finish', you would have noticed that 
plugins, autoupgdate and yes, autostart, are enabled by default but can be 
disabled during the install process by simply unchecking some checkbox.

> I installed 
> freenet with the run.sh script, 

No you didnt. You probably installed the node with the new_installer.jar
The run.sh script is to start the node with the wrapper.

>and after a restart of my old notebook 
> with 256 MB RAM installed I wondered why there was a java process, 
> eating all the memory.

What you mean 'eating all the memory'? If you gave your node a max allowed 
memory of 256 MB it will try to use that much (and probably cause a crash, on 
an old laptop with only 265MB of RAM) You were prompted to choose how much 
memory you wanted to allow your node to use during the first-time wizard. With 
a 265MB system you probably want to set your node to use 128MB max. You can 
still change the settings you chose during the first-time wizard: go to the 
configuration page, scroll down, read what the settings do and change what you 
need to change.
You may also re-run the wizard visiting

> I found that the installer of freenet on Linux installs a cronjob every 
> time I start the node without questioning. 

The installer did ask you whether or not you wanted to install the cron job. 
There's a checkbox marked 'autostart' or something similar. Once again, you 
should read therough the install process, not just click away.
Anyhow, I guess the cron job can be removed.

>Since the freenet software 
> uses a lot of system resources, this should be optional.

It is.
The checkbox is checked by default because Freenet should run as much as 
possible, possibly 24/7.
If your idea of freenet is 'start freenet-browse freesites-shut down freenet', 
you may as well give it up right away: it won't work that way. Freenet needs to 
stay up. 
You may want to shut it down when you really need the resources for something 
else but as soon as you're done you should restart it. The more it stays up the 
better it will work.

> Moreover, I think, it is not a nice behaviour for an application to 
> install autostart procedures without asking or even telling the user.

It does ask, it does tell.
The checkboxs are checked by default but you can uncheck them.
Next time you install a program, read the text that appears one each page of 
the installer, look at the options that are given to you, choose what you want, 
and THEN lcick 'next'.

The user is in full control during the install process, you just failed to 
notice. You can blame it on our developers if you don't even bother checking 
out what your options are. 
Your point about giving the user control during the install process was 
discussed long ago and the developers did a good job: now the user IS in 
Well, actually, the user was already in control; the difference is that now 
just about any user is in control no matter how computer illiterate s/he is: 
the new installer give you all the options with checkboxes and all you have to 
do is to read what each checkbox does and then check/uncheck according to your 
own preferences.
What do you expect?
A mind-reading installer that knows what the user wants and automatically 
chooses what to install and how? I'm afraid you'll have to wait a bit more for 
that; in the meantime you can READ the options that the current installer gives 
you. Really. You can even choose the language they're displayed in.

> There should be at least a note in the INSTALL info file.

Fair enough.
Write a new version of the INSTALL file and post it to the dvelopment list 
If it's good it will be used.

> Regards,
> Pascal

Thx for the input, hope my answer helped
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