On Tuesday 16 June 2009 07:35:55 CyberLeo wrote:
> Hi!
> Since I started this instance of freenet, mid 2007, I've repeatedly
> received an alert 'Your node name isn't defined.'. Despite deciding that
> the nickname provided is suitable and clicking 'apply', the alert comes
> back every time the node restarts. Is there some regular expression it
> uses to determine if the nickname is of the autogenerated kind, or is it
> just not remembering that I chose that nickname?

Yes. Auto-generated node names start with "Node id|". They are not very helpful 
for the intended purpose of a node name which is to help a friend to whom you 
are connected to identify that a particular connection belongs to you and not 
some other friend. Names are supposed to be, well, names! My node is called 
Toad/Dark, for example. The name is *only* visible to Friends, i.e. people you 
have manually exchanged noderefs with, people you know (whether or not you 
trust them), people you've talked to.

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