Sorry... I'll just post the commit changelog.

object c5009c153b0745ad19f16e478fc619a8864d241c
type commit
tag build01227
tagger Matthew Toseland <> 1249153708 +0100

1227: 1224 mandatory 7 August
Client layer:
- Fix instant timeouts on startup trying to defrag with a big node.db4o.
- Fix a wierd NPE probably related to stuff left over in the database from bugs.
- Make the number of blocks defragged a constant.
Web interface:
- Fix forcedownload headers. On some systems force download was not forcing the 
file to be downloaded.
Alerts etc:
- Move disabling useralerts to the alerts page (from the welcome page). Saces 
says it wasn't working?
- LoadPlugin, PluginRemoved, RemovePlugin, ReloadPlugin. Run off thread.
- Require Identifier in FCP GetPluginInfo.
Dev stuff:
- Indent.
- Logging.
- Fix a logging-related NPE on some site inserts.


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