In recent weeks a number of established seednodes have gone offline and/or 
changed IP without their owners sending me the new noderef. We are now down to 
11 seednodes, but more importantly, bootstrapping is becoming a problem, with 
automated tests sometimes failing to get 10 nodes in 10 minutes, and often 
taking a long time. Twice in recent days I have tried to run sdiz's long-term 
tests, and both times it has failed to bootstrap on the fetch phase. Also 
bootstrapping is sometimes - apparently at random - very slow, e.g. staying at 
2 peers for some time.

An important part of the solution is more seednodes. If you have at least 
256kbps upstream bandwidth (more is better), a stable 24x7 node, a static IP 
address or domain name, and have successfully forwarded your opennet port, 
please consider helping us out:
- Go to config settings, go to advanced mode, opennet, enable "be a seednode".
- Email me your opennet noderef. You can get it from:

It is also possible that this isn't the cause of the problem, maybe it is 
caused by the 1231 changes ... any thoughts?

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