> I'm trying to get Freenet running on my server.  I follow the
> instructions here:
> After installation, of course I need to access the web interface over
> the Internet (actually, over a VPN).  There's a link at "Read the FAQ on
> how to enable web-access from a remote computer."  The link is broken,
> there is in fact no such FAQ.  This is bad.
> I figured out how to manually edit freenet.ini after googling up this:

fproxy.allowedHosts=     #gives 'dumb user access'

fproxy.allowedHostsFullAccess=     #gives full access (you need the 
above too... I guess)

fcp.allowedHosts=  #allows connections from remote fcp clients, e.g. 
Frost, Thaw, jSite, etc.

However, I don't know if that's a good thing to do over the internet. On 
a LAN, it's OK but maybe over the internet you want to use ssh as 
suggested by Artefact2

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