Brian Mearns wrote:
> I understand the basic architecture of Freenet and how it protects 
> contributors, but I'm concerned that the files themselves might 
> contain identifying information about the source of the file. In 
> particular, for audio files such as MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and Flac. Does 
> anyone have any information on making sure there are no
> "fingerprints" left on these files when posting?

There is no way to be certain. There could be a future algorithm piecing
together just enough bits from a file to identify you. Word frequency
analysis has been used to discern likely writers of a plain text file.
Yes, you can avoid stupid mistakes by checking for "known signatures"
and removing them, but that is something that would be different for
different file types (ogg would be somewhat different from mp3; but doc
and pdf require totally different approaches.) It would be useful to
have tools that can identify and remove watermarks and Freenet would be
a great place to publish them (with source code please!)

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