On Wednesday 23 September 2009 09:14:07 Francois LARROUX wrote:
> i tried many times different installer (java "online" and the exe version) at 
> different days but it still not starting

The Java version will not work on Vista. Please uninstall any node versions 
installed using this.

What operating system are you using?
> there is a "start script error"
> I found this on the java installer
> I ask it to google god but there is nothing
> I used to use freenet a few months ago and it stopped and it was impossible 
> to reinstall it as I said
> It will be so nice to put some good faqs on your websites to avoid searching 
> (for nothing)a long time on users/programmers forums.

It is likely that this is related to the windows installer problems with 
creating a new user (for security), which some OSs and anti-viruses don't like.

I suggest you use the beta installer, which doesn't do this. Make sure you have 
uninstalled all versions of Freenet first.


This will install a relatively old version of Freenet, but give it an hour or 
so and it should auto-update itself to the current version (1236).
> I hope you will be able to help me 

Please let us know if the above doesn't work...
> I really like you do for our freedom
> Keep strong!
> Regards
> Fran├žois

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