I have been having problems with my set up of Freenet, Frost and 
Freemail. I just downloaded Freenet but have yet to install it.

The version I do have installed is 0.7.5, Build 1236 BUT Freenet 
site tells me it is a very old node software and I need to update.

What I have ready to install is called, freenet-0.7.0-rc1.new-

Can anyone verify if this is a newer and a good version? (just 
looking at the numbers it wouldn't appear to be, to me)

I also would like to know if one should set up Freemail first 
before  installing and setting up (configuring)something like 

Is one done before the other?

Are there any clear instructions, step-by-step in "How to forward 
ports" as I need to do this and don't know how to.

Freenet keeps telling me it is trying to connect to or learn my IP 
but cannot unless I forward some ports but there are no directions 
about how to do this.

For some who might read this, they will see I have repeated myself. 
Sorry about that. If it isn't clear to me I keep seeking.

Thanks to those who have offered suggestions and please continue.


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