I am having some problems as a newbie. Hope someone will help me 
out. They may seem clear and simple to others but they are not to 
me. Sorry 'bout that.

Freenet tells me it is trying to connect to my external IP and that 
I can use the Temporary IP Address hint. How?
What is it I am supposed enter in that window and where do I find 
that information?

Also, it tells me to forward three ports. Again, how does one do 
such a thing? I've never forwarded a port or an email so I need 
help here also.

It also informs me that I am using a node or version, (0.7.0) that 
is horribly old and I should update. I have tried in the 
configurations drop down and it says configurations are 
successfully changed but I don't know if that is in fact the 
correct update. It still tells me each time I go to Freenet that my 
node is very, very old. HELP!

Lastly, how does one go about finding "friends" on Freenet or 
Frost. It says to only connect to "friends" but I don't know anyone 
using Freenet or Frost. I am in a country that blocks many sites. I 
think the most in the world, so any real help would be greatly 
appreciated. It would be so nice to be able to talk with someone 
about different things while learning more about Freenet and Frost 
and how to use them to achieve the best safety and anonymity one 
Thanks again.

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