I'm having difficulty connecting.  Can you advise?

Unknown external address
Freenet was unable to determine your external IP address (or the IP address of 
your NAT-device or firewall). You can still exchange references with other 
people, however this will only work if the other user is not behind a 
NAT-device or firewall. As soon as you have connected to one other user in this 
way, Freenet will be able to determine your external IP address. You can 
determine your current IP address and tell your node with the 'Temporary IP 
address hint' configuration parameter. Also, it would be a good idea to forward 
the ports 61616 and 27307 (UDP) on your router to make it easy to connect to 
your node.

  a.. Temporary IP address hintTemporary hint to what our IP might be; deleted 
after use
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