On Fri. 09 Oct 2009 19:53:45 +0700 Dennis Nezic wrote:
>The name of the directory is "Program Files"...note the space, and 
not a "Files" subdirectory within "C:\Program". and,

>If there is no "uninstall" shortcut in your start menu, or if it 
doesn't appear in the "Add/Remove Programs" thingy, simply delete 
the directories--cuz, clearly they were installed manually, and 
thus didn't make any additional registry changes nor added any 
other files in other system folders."

Thanks Dennis. 
I did write it as you said and still get the message:
C:\Program\Files\Freenet\ is not recognized as an internal or 
>> external command operable program or batch file.

So, I went in to delete the directories and I get this message:

Cannot delete wrapper-windows-86-32.exe:Access is denied.,

Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file 
is not currently in use.

I am not certain how to check for this kind of thing. I usually use 
a Mac and with a PC I'm lost. I keep checking out where things are 
located but it is slow, learning new terms for everything. 

You know, if one lives to be 71 years of age, they get 25,933 days. 
I added 18 days for leap years.

I have less than 3,000 left so I would really like to get this 
Freenet out, then in, and up, and hey, what does' that sound 

oh, oh, I decided to wait to send this, and I checked out your 
"tech-term"..."THINGY", found the ADD/REMOVE, and PRESS 'Toe, it's 
gone! Thanks very much. Now I can add "thingy" to my glossary of 

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