On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 6:11 AM, henri godron <enjoy...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I splitted a file into many .rar files and there is something strange in the
> mime type decetion when inserting the files in my node.
> Most of them are being re-compressed (because their mime type is not
> detected as being a compressed file) and some others are being recognized
> correctly as rar file types.
> I guess this is a known behavior and i suppose the node is trying to guess
> the mime type not by using the extension but by opening the file and trying
> to 'understand' ?
> Maybe it's a bug, I don't know, so I'm still posting this here.. Who knows !
> I tried to have a look at the code but I have no time right now..

In general, you shouldn't do that; just insert the single large file.
It will be more reliable that way.

Internally, Freenet splits the file into 32kB chunks, regardless of
starting size.  It then adds extra chunks for redundancy.  The details
are a little complicated, but a small portion of each file will have
reduced redundancy.  So not only does splitting the file make more
work for other people when they have to reassemble it, it means that
instead of one reduced-redundancy section there is one per piece.  The
result is that if any of the low-redundancy sections fail, your
downloaders will be unable to reassemble the whole file.

(Internally, there are a couple different issues present.  They're all
on the list of things to fix, some at higher priority than others.)

Evan Daniel
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