On Mon, 30 Nov 2009 19:58:19 -0500, Tim Jones wrote:
> I think you need to publish a more user friendly description of the
> product and how it works. I am a fairly experienced PC/Windows user
> for many years and I made a career of data administration using
> technology. However, reading your website just makes my head spin much
> as trying to decipher Linux and trying to understand what advantages I
> gain from deploying freenet that is more and better than something
> like PGP or using proxies. 
> Regardless of one's views of the relative merits of the software
> platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc) the fact remains that we do
> live in a MS Windows world and I think that describing your product
> relative to the Windows experience would go a long way towards
> enticing users to try your product. 
> Personally, I think this approach of keeping the description and
> explanation cryptic and mystical has been the single block that Linux
> has embedded in the public perception and has drastically limited its
> adoption on a much larger scale. I see your product headed down that
> same road, a good if not outstanding product that is hamstrung by its
> own creators for lack of a focus on explaining the product to the
> prospective end-user base in a way that base can understand.
> I think developers lose sight of their audience when promoting their
> work and forget that the target audience (end-user) is largely
> ignorant of what goes on "under the hood".
> Hopefully, you will take this message as constructive and not a nag.
> In either event it's my opinion and I hope you give it more than a
> little consideration.
> Best Regards,
> Tim Jones
> Sebring, Florida

I'm sure it's been said ad nauseum already, but I want to say it too!
Simplicity (what you want) and complexity (what freenet is -- at least
relative to insecure protocols) are mutually exclusive :P. People who
can't understand things like PGP really shouldn't be using freenet. You
can't have your cake (an assurance of security and anonymity) and eat it
too (enjoy an effortless care-free newbie-friendly experience). That's
just reality.

(Head spinning (a.k.a. learning) is an essential requirement here. I
would suggest having users do some kind of quiz in the installation
wizard, and until they pass it, have the security level LOW :D.)
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