On Tuesday 01 December 2009 00:58:19 Tim Jones wrote:
> I think you need to publish a more user friendly description of the
> product and how it works. I am a fairly experienced PC/Windows user
> for many years and I made a career of data administration using
> technology. However, reading your website just makes my head spin much
> as trying to decipher Linux and trying to understand what advantages I
> gain from deploying freenet that is more and better than something
> like PGP or using proxies. 
> Regardless of one's views of the relative merits of the software
> platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc) the fact remains that we do
> live in a MS Windows world and I think that describing your product
> relative to the Windows experience would go a long way towards
> enticing users to try your product. 
> Personally, I think this approach of keeping the description and
> explanation cryptic and mystical has been the single block that Linux
> has embedded in the public perception and has drastically limited its
> adoption on a much larger scale. I see your product headed down that
> same road, a good if not outstanding product that is hamstrung by its
> own creators for lack of a focus on explaining the product to the
> prospective end-user base in a way that base can understand.
> I think developers lose sight of their audience when promoting their
> work and forget that the target audience (end-user) is largely
> ignorant of what goes on "under the hood".
> Hopefully, you will take this message as constructive and not a nag.
> In either event it's my opinion and I hope you give it more than a
> little consideration.

If you have time could you have a look at the current What is Freenet? page, I 
believe we have rewritten it somewhat since then.



> Best Regards,
> Tim Jones
> Sebring, Florida

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