I'm having major problems with freenet on Windows, I have 60 downloads of which 
60 have been stuck at 100% for days.
Running freenet makes Windows completely unresponsive.
It takes literally 10 minutes for frost to start up.
This happened in the past. I deleted node.db4o and the permanent downloads 
folder and this fixed it for a while,
But it goes back to the same state in a few days.
Right now my node.db4o is 230 Mb and I don't want to lost the 60 downloads 
(almost 10 gigs total) which are complete.
The CPU usage is 50-80% on a very strong pc.

My questions are the following:

1. Could the unresponsiveness be a memory issue with Java ? I have 4 gigs but  
freenet and frost use only 160 and 210 megabytes. Is java putting  a limit on 
these somehow?
What's the proper way to allocate memory to freenet and frost ?

2. Does setting priority in task manager have any effect ? I noticed they are 
on "below normal" and cannot be changed.

3. Is there a way to save these completed downloads that freenet is not 
finishing (i.e. command line utility)?

Also another issue I noticed:

- When I select "Download the file in the background and store in 
R:\Freenet\downloads" or "Fetch the file in the background" from the freenet UI,
it doesn't do anything. Are these supposed to work?

Thanks a lot,

Java 6 update 15
Win Xp
Freenet 0.7.5 Build #1239 build01239
Freenet-ext Build #26 r2377

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