Freenet 0.7.5 build 1244 is now available. This includes even more opennet 
changes. It makes 1243 mandatory immediately and will itself be mandatory on 
Monday. Changes:
* Limit the total number of peers in post-connect grace periods (the 5 minutes 
a node has to prove itself after connecting) to half the total peers (rounded 
down). In the previous build the limits for the 3 categories of connection 
(announcement, reconnection and path folding) added up to the total number of 
connections allowed, meaning that it was at least theoretically possible for 
all of the nodes to be in grace periods, meaning that when a node's grace 
period expired it would be immediately kicked out and replaced by a new node. 
This could break opennet, because opennet relies on being able to choose the 
least recently used (or least recently useful) node when dropping one. In 
practice this should not have happened at least on most nodes because of the 
anti-churn heuristics - but fixing it gives us more certainty if we tweak them, 
and is more futureproof and scalable.
* One of those heuristics is that we will only drop a connected node to make 
way for a new node once every 5 minutes (this used to be once every 10 minutes 
until 1242). This has been observed to be the dominant factor for many nodes in 
deciding when to accept connections. Up until this build this was an overall 
limit, not per type. It is now a per type limit. This means that even if the 
per-connection-type grace period limits aren't full (which they often are not 
because this heuristic dominates and not all connections succeed), there should 
be a reasonable degree of fairness between the different connection types: Path 
folding, or announcements, will not monopolise the routing table at the expense 
of other categories.
* Similarly, there is another heuristic that we will only drop a connected peer 
after there have been 10 successful CHK requests. This  was overall and is now 
per-connection-type: After 10 successful requests, we can add a peer of each 
type, and whenever we do add a connection of a given type, we can't add another 
node until 10 successes later. This heuristic is probably only relevant on very 
slow nodes at the moment, but it could have caused some unfairness.
* Some extra stats on the stats page about opennet connections - how many are 
accepted of each type etc.
* Fix changing the priority of a non-persistent download or upload, fix the 
page title on the queue page when it is empty, Finnish translation update.

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