On Sunday 28 March 2010 03:21:24 Peter S wrote:
> I have a weird and really annoying problem that goes as follows:
> I had .7 installed when the folder got deleted by accident. I then installed
> a new as darknet-8888-8888 and all worked just fine, though two freenet
> entries now existed in the service listing (WinXP)
> Then a week or two ago it suddenly wouldn't connect.
> I then properly un-installed and went for a new install but then it wouldn't
> play along, saying freenet is already installed.
> The faulty listing got removed with "sc delete", yet the installer still
> complains.
> "to continue, you must first uinstall your current version using the
> previously created uninstaller" .. well, that doesn't exist anymore ~ folder
> deleted. Nothing Freenet exists anymore, so what the funk is it complaining
> about?
> How on earth am I to get Freenet back up and running?
Probably in the registry somewhere, and maybe the service user still exists as 
well? The old installer was rather messy. The new wininstaller is much less 
messy but it is sadly not working for everyone. :|

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