On Sunday 28 March 2010 03:21:24 Peter S wrote:
> I have a weird and really annoying problem that goes as follows:
> I had .7 installed when the folder got deleted by accident. I then installed
> a new as darknet-8888-8888 and all worked just fine, though two freenet
> entries now existed in the service listing (WinXP)
> Then a week or two ago it suddenly wouldn't connect.
> I then properly un-installed and went for a new install but then it wouldn't
> play along, saying freenet is already installed.
> The faulty listing got removed with "sc delete", yet the installer still
> complains.
> "to continue, you must first uinstall your current version using the
> previously created uninstaller" .. well, that doesn't exist anymore ~ folder
> deleted. Nothing Freenet exists anymore, so what the funk is it complaining
> about?
> How on earth am I to get Freenet back up and running?
Try deleting this registry key (or group of registry keys):

This is what the new installer looks for.

Thanks Zero3 for this fix.

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