On Wednesday 17 February 2010 16:05:05 Tobias Sjöqvist wrote:
> Hey, I just installed freenet on my computer, and it worked fine up until I
> connected to the actual webpages, where flashy red messages told me about
> the urgency to download the latest java update, wich I did, and now
> everytime I try to start freenet I get this error message: “Freenet Starter
> was unable to control the Freenet system service. Reason: Service did not
> respond to signal. If the problem keeps occurring, try reinstalling Freenet
> or report this error message to the developers.” So here you go.
> I had Java v5ux before the update, and now I have java v6u18. I use Windows
> Vista.
> Good luck.

Hmmm. It is possible that recent changes to the installer have fixed this 
problem. Please uninstall and then get the latest installer from the website 
and reinstall. If that doesn't fix it ...

This is a fairly common problem with our Windows installer. I have CC'ed our 
Windows expert, maybe he can find out what the problem is.

One thing you could do is send us your wrapper.log - that is a file in the dir 
you installed Freenet into - and then check the permissions on the directory, 
"Local Service" should have full access to it.

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