On Wednesday 24 February 2010 13:11:38 hennr wrote:
> Hi there,
> under http://freenetproject.org/content.html there is a link to Frost:
> http://freenetproject.org/frost.html which holds the same content as
> http://freenetproject.org/index.html and not a specific site about frost.
> Do you want that to be this way?

No, fixed, thanks.
> Secondly there is no documentation how to uninstall freenet.
> I'm using Linux and used the GUI installer and it seems that the
> installer created a link to start freenet on login. I can't find that
> link, the FAQ and Documentation says nothing about uninstalling freenet
> and the README which get's installed holds 13 lines...
> I have to admit that I denied the install to create links in my menu.

That implies you are confident in your ability to figure it out for yourself. :)
> I found the Uninstallation folder but I think this is worth a small
> sentence in the docs.

I have added a note to the README.
> Another thing is that the izPack installer does not terminate after
> uninstallation. You have to trigger "Quit".

Yes, izPack is far from ideal. In the future we will hopefully have packages 
for the major Linux distros which will avoid various problems.
> Thanks for your work!
> Henner

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